“My 27th transversary (3 October, 2018)” by Rose

Today I celebrate my 27th year post-transplant.

Twenty-seven is not an auspicious number or so I thought until I visited Wikipedia. I’ve actually included the Wikipedia page after this post so you can see all the amazing things about 27. Amongst other things, 27 is a perfect cube. It is the only positive integer that is three times the sum of its digits. It is also the atomic number of cobalt (my favorite shade of blue).

I was less thrilled to discover some other facts about 27. It’s one of the numbers Lisa Simpson talks to in a Simpson’s episode called “Girls just want to have sums”—an unhelpful number. And the number of years between It’s return to Derry in Stephen King’s book. Then there’s the 27 club in music. Less said the better.

For me as a transplant recipient 27 is auspicious. I received my transplant when I was 22. I have now had my transplanted kidney for five years more than the pre-transplant part of my life. Twenty-seven is several years longer than I thought I’d live.

Today is a beautiful Spring day in my part of the world. The air is crisp and clear and full of promise. The sun is bright and warm. Prunus petals drift across the tarmac and birds sing in the garden. I feel extremely fortunate to be here, able to enjoy it.

My latest blood results showed that my kidney still functions normally. My blood pressure is normal too. Although I am unfit, I walked through the mall today briskly and easily without feeling dizzy or losing breath. Yes, I am very fortunate indeed.

On every anniversary I find myself thinking about my life now compared with my life then. There is no comparison. I also know that I would not still be alive if I had not received my transplant when I did. Celebrate with me, but spare a thought for those still waiting for their gift of life. Many of us do not make it to transplant.

I was lucky to receive my transplant. In an earlier post I described the day I got my transplant. I have also talked about whether I am a good recipient or a lucky one. I have taken a great deal of care of my transplant, but I still maintain that I am lucky. I was lucky to survive long enough to be placed on the waiting list and to receive a kidney in the first place, and doubly lucky that my kidney has been so strong.

Maybe 3 is the lucky number for me and 27, after all, is 3 times 3 times 3.

Check this link to see what else Wikipedia said about 27: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/27_(number).  I was impressed.


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